Discount Policy

As you might expect (because of the type of business we are in and the products and services that we sell) we are approached almost daily by non-profits, charities, schools and similar organizations asking for donations, discounts and/or sponsorships.  We certainly want to support the community that supports our business.  However, we are a "for profit" enterprise and if we were to attempt to somehow accommodate all incoming requests, we probably wouldn't be around very long!  That being said, we have developed the following policy:

Excalibur Group offers all "qualifying" organizations (501c3 or similar) the opportunity to purchase products and services on a "discounted" basis.  Actual discount percentages may vary depending on product/service mix, quantities, requested timing of delivery, market conditions and other variable factors. 

Customers who request this type of discount are required to provide acceptable forms of certification which include official IRS documentation of 501c3 status and/or tax exemption status.  Customers may also be required to complete an ‘In-Kind’ donation form to estimate and document the fair-market value of discounts/donations of products & services made by Excalibur Group for tax reporting purposes.

Sponsorship Policy

Excalibur is also frequently approached by organizations and events requesting financial sponsorship, and for the same reasons mentioned above we have developed the following policy:

Excalibur Group may participate in sponsorship opportunities based on the client’s annual purchases on products and services for the prior 365 day period.  Actual sponsorship funding will vary depending on product/service mix, quantities, market conditions and other variable factors (including any discounts offered off of normal retail pricing).  

Customers/clients may also enter into an Annual Purchase Agreement (APA) with Excalibur Group which would detail agreed-upon terms of sponsorship participation and product/service purchasing requirements. Each APA will be negotiated separately based on client needs, sponsorship requirements, and the existence of mutually beneficial marketing/advertising opportunities, etc.  The APA may include the following (and other) provisions:

  • Confidentiality Agreement to protect sponsor interests in local, regional and national markets

  • Exclusivity clause to restrict purchase of products/services from other competing vendors and/or the participation of other competing vendors in marketing/advertising campaigns

  • Renewal/cancellation terms

  • Service Level Agreement